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C5+CCIM Global Commercial Real Estate Summit, Day 2

Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates - JD Johnson Realty

Day two of the C5+CCIM Global Commercial Real Estate Summit in Atlanta did not disappoint. We heard from industry leaders about NAR’s continuing efforts to protect the 1031 exchange (the 401K of real estate), and asset protection strategies using a 1031 with the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). Next up was Ret. Brigadier General Bobbi “Flash” Doorenbos, one of the first female fighter pilots. Her presentation dealt with how we can learn as CRE professionals from the systems that fighter pilots employ to ensure “Flawless Execution” by planning, briefing, executing and debriefing, as well as the importance of maintaining “Situational Awareness” when we experience “Task Saturation”. Good stuff! Click here for post

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