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C5+CCIM Global Commercial Real Estate Summit, Day 3

Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates - JD Johnson Realty

Day three of the C5+CCIM Global Commercial Real Estate Summit was just as exciting and informative as day one and day two. I’m a big fan of Michael Bull’s commercial real estate podcast, so it was great to hear him discuss the importance of Social Media with other leading CRE content providers. After this segment, I grabbed my bags from the room and stepped into an elevator with The Chris Voss, we talked for nineteen floors and are pretty much best friends now 😄. Can’t imagine anyone in our business doesn’t know who he is but, Chris Voss was an FBI hostage negotiator and author of the best selling book “Never Split the Difference”. Chris shared negotiating techniques from his book… and a few others that I don’t recall from his book, all of which carry over in relevance to the CRE world. Hate that I had to leave before he finished speaking, but didn’t want to miss that plane back home to Mississippi. Even so, I’m already looking forward to attending next year’s C5+CCIM Summit. Click here for post

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